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About Akai Force...

Hi, my name is Massimiliano and I'm writing to tell that, I decided to buy Akai Force. I wanted to ask if you think this machine allows you to produce an entire piece of music without necessarily having to deal with other DAWS like Ableton live. I would like to sell the Ableton license just to be able to use only Akai Force and nothing else, up to the export of the project. What do you think about it? Everyone tells me not to sell Ableton because this machine doesn't have the arrangement view. But I'm not entirely in agreement. I wanted to ask another thing, however if in future updates they will allow you to make Akai Force work with Ableton, do you think we will have to buy ableton live 10 or will it work also with version 9? Thank you so much for everything and, I was really happy to have bought this machine (even if it is "incomplete" for now) but I did it to completely abandon the computer (so to get rid of ableton, audio interface and controller), to work only with it! My best regards,
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