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I’m confused and frustrated

ACT not functioning as described

When setting up ACT for VIP, can you still have ACT active in your DAW and other Plugins.

The ACT Learn function seems to be prolific throughout my DAW (Sonar Platinum), but when trying to use in VIP, the documentation seems to imply the settings should be set via the Control Area, but his does not seem to work, however they do seem to work for some of the controls for the plugins.

Can anyone clarify how these interactions affect between components?

Is there some method for setting the focus for ACT for a particular element (i.e. DAW, Control Area of VIP, or Controls on individual Plugins)?

Keyboard is Akai MPK88
Audio is Zoom R24
Running Sonar Platinum on 2012 Macbook Pro via Bootcamp with Windows 10.
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  • Hey Peter,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. I'm not a Sonar user so the support I can offer will be limited. From what I understand, if you've engaged the pro channel in ACT you will be able to control individual modules by clicking on the plugin to bring it into focus. I suggest disabling the Lock check box in the ACT MIDI Controller property page to allow ACT to focus on the currently selected plugins. The Lock feature will keep the hardware controls assigned to one plugin despite which one is in focus. This might be where you are running into difficulty.

    The MIDI Learn feature an be used in the VIP standalone software but I'm not positive how this will interface with ACT. My feeling is that ACT will override the MIDI assignments so its best to configure VIP through ACT.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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