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Add option to Suppress Recording ECHO on MIDI TRACKS

Separate from other MIDI / multitimbral issues which have been brought up...

It would be great on MIDI tracks if there was an ON|OFF option to SUPPRESS MIDI Recording ECHO.

So if you have an external synth or other midi device that is coming into the MIDI input, and the MIDI track is set to output back to that same device, that the MIDI Events that are being recorded are not immediately echo'ed back to the device, causing double triggering of voices or CC values.

As it is currently, if you want to avoid the ECHO / Double Triggering you have turn the MIDI output to some external unused port while recording, then switch it back to the actual device you want it played back on after you're finished recording... its a cludgy workaround that doesn't work in a live loop environment, and there's no way to pull off a MIDI overdub without the ECHO issues.
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