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I’m a bit frustrated

Advance 25 as midi control in Logic

I have bought the Advance 25. And like some aspects of it. However, I am struggling to get it to operate as a basic midi controller in Logic. I have set the dials to control the smart controllers (and that is fine). However:
1. It seems like the setting for the transport control has to be set up each time I start a new project in Logic (or added to a template). This is a bit frustrating.
2. I have not found a straightforward way of carrying out basic mixer actions. I would have hoped that I'd be able to use the buttons to select, mute and solo tracks. And to use the rotary encoders to adjust levels on tracks. This doesn't seem to be the case.
3. I cannot find a way to get more than one page of midi operations (either as templates or otherwise). I.e. for midi control, I can only use the 8 encoders once. Ideally, I'd like to set up (at least) two pages. One to control the plugin via smart controls and one to control the mixer.
These seem like pretty basic expectations from a midi controller. And I had expected to have them. My sense is that everything is being pushed towards VIP rather than providing decent midi control capabilities.
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  • Hey Charles,

    Thanks for posting!

    Most of the setup you're describing needs to be done in the software. The Advance is always going to send the same MIDI data per preset whether it is note, control, or transport data. The settings on the Advance can trigger the software you're using but it will have no affect on the software itself. If you want to have the same functionality each time you open Logic and use the Advance, I would recommend using templates. It sounds like you've got a handle on templates already but I think this article will be useful to you:

    The Joys, And Benefits, Of Building Templates In Logic Pro X

    This article will walk you through the process of setting up the Advance as an input device in Logic:

    Akai Pro Advance Series and VIP - Setup with Logic Pro X

    Once you have transport and controllers assigned with Logic's MIDI Learn menu, you can use those assignments in subsequent projects. Keep in mind that the controller is only sending MIDI data to the computer - what the computer does with that incoming MIDI data is completely up to the software you're using.

    I hope that helps you!
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  • Thanks Nick,
    1. Yes, I should have said that the only workaround I could see was to use a template in Logic.
    I'm not sure you addressed my questions 2 about using the Advance 25 to control the mixer. Or 3, for saving different midi maps in the Advance 25 itself.
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