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Advance 49 Not showing Native Instrument Komplete patches....

I have been having issues with my Native patches showing up in VIP (and the MPC software)

The plugs show up...but none of the patches do.

This is a 2012 Mac - 28G Ram - High Sierra

This was Komplete 3 that I upgraded to 8. Is it possible that the suite is just too old to handle VIP and MPC 2.0?
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  • Hey Dwight Guy,

    Thanks for posting!

    Whenever you scan a plugin into VIP, any pre-made maps that are available can be toggled on or off in VIP's Plugin Manager. In the image below, I'm using Hybrid as an example.

    Hybrid shows a total of 1204 available patches (arrow at the left) that will be added to VIP when the patches are enabled (arrow at the right). Notice too that there is a check mark next to the box that enables maps indicating that the maps have been downloaded to VIP. If you see a down-pointed arrow here, that indicates that there are maps available for download. Click the arrow to begin the download. VIP will load the maps automatically. When you exit the Plugin Manager, VIP will indicate that it is adding patches and when you are returned to the main VIP window, you will see the patches in the browser for the plugin that is currently selected.

    I hope that helps you!
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