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Advance advances

Hi all,

Firstly, I'm really enjoying my Advance 61, a really nice product! However, I have a couple of suggestions, which I'm sure others have also thought of, that really seem like no brainers.

The Advance *really* needs banks for knobs/buttons (in addition to pads) when running standalone (i.e. not running VIP), this is just so important, and I'm really surprised that it is not standard. I understand that the hardware was not originally intended to do this (which really seems like a missed opportunity) but it does not seem impossible for a firmware update to "add this feature" (honestly while I appreciate that we all purchased the product without banks for knobs/buttons it really does seem like a defect - so not a feature request as such).

Secondly, adding support for audio input routing through VIP would be really useful (i.e. such that you could run external audio through fx plugins etc.).

Really enjoying my Advance nonetheless!

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