Advance - Logic Pro X Integration, sketchy at best ...


The transport controls of the Advance with Logic Pro X are far from ideal, and sometimes are downright confusing, which is really too bad for such a great controller:

1) None of the button sync with the current state of Logic, a few example:
- I have several controllers if I start playback directly from the computer or another controller the play button should lit up (and the stop button should turn off)
- The cycle button should be lit if I am in cycle mode.
- The Record button doesn't make sense. When already recording (button is red), selecting it doesn't not turn off recording; sometimes it stays lit even if not in recording mode, other time it's off although you are in recording mode ... not only it's confusing, it's actually dangerous because you easily end-up recording when you don't want to (yes, there is undo, but that's hardy a fix ...).

2) The shift key should be use to add another layer of control on the transport button. For example, I'd like to map SHIFT-CYCLE to the keyboard equivalent of "set rounded locators by selected region and enable cycle" ("U" in Logic)

3) It would be nice to have some basic MACKIE HUI control. With the onboard screen, it could be really useful. Pressing the MAIN button would access it, you could navigate your current LOGIC tracks (and not just VIP instances), adjust volumes or pans (while holding shift for example) with the Knobs, mute/solo with the buttons and pads, left right button would be use to select the next bank of faders.

Advance is great Keyboard, keep updating it's software!


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