Advance/VIP Plugin Map Sharing Thread!

Hello to the Akai Pro Advance owners out there. Hope you're enjoying it!

I'm creating this thread as a place to share your own VIP Plugin Maps. Whether it be for a plugin that doesn't have a map yet, a set of new custom presets you've created in a particular plugin, or anything like that... share it here!

I'd recommend using a "unobtrusive" upload/sharing service like DropBox. Please refrain from any services that plummet you into a vortex of pop-ups and advertisements, or charge a "premium" for download services. You know what I mean! :)

If you have any technical questions or issues, please create a separate topic. Let's keep this thread as the place to share the maps.

Also, for anyone who wasn't already aware, you can see a list of Plugin Maps currently available in VIP and also request a new Plugin Map be made from the following Akai KB article:

VIP - Everything You Need to Known About Plugin Maps

And here's a listing of all the Advance/VIP articles on the KB, many of which will help you in creating new presets, customizing tags, and many other techniques.

Akai Pro Knowledgebase - Advance/VIP Series

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