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Advance VIP stability and flexibility for touring

Hey guys, so I'm keen on picking up the Advance 61 very soon if some of my questions are answered. Here they are -

1. How stable is the latest version of the software for on-stage use? I'm currently using a 2015 Macbook Pro Retina with 16GB Ram, 2.8Ghz intel core i7, 1TB SSD hard drive and OSX, version 10.10.5. Have any of you experienced any crashes/hangs when optimised for live use?

2. How much time does it take to change between Multi's in Setlist mode? I need to be able to change patches quickly, with no gap in between. Even a 3-5 second lag between patches might make or break my song on stage. As a Korg Kronos user, I've set up my live show in a way that sometimes I'm changing combi's or multi's on the fly during songs so this one's important. If there's a way to pre-load all the patches in a setlist or optimise my computer in any way to make this work, do let me know!

Thanks for your time, guys!

- R.R.
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