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Akai Advance proposed improvements: Any plans for any of these in version 2?

These features would make your controllers a must have.

LEDs to show splits (no one implements these well yet). The ability to see a split directly on a keyboard is invaluable (multiple colors for bonus points). Ideally, it would save the settings directly on the keyboard and recall them via program change information (i.e. MIDI). The only "native" implementation of this doesn't respond to midi at all so, it's actually useless unless preprogrammed for the specific patch you're using (it's almost always useless). If any controller did this in a usable way, I would literally buy three of them right now.

Pads on the Left: Pads on the right makes them kind of useless for us live players. The right hand is almost always in use.

88 weighted key version: I like taking up space on stage....I mean, I need all those keys to show how important my instrument is...ahem..actually; I'm used to 88 keys and do a lot of splits (on the keyboard) the full 88 key range is really helpful for that.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks! Great ideas!

    No idea if the team has plans for these things down the line, but an 88-key version has been a popular request. We haven't made an 88-key keyboard in a little while.

    I'd also agree that the split feature would be better as a full hardware midi split and not just software (though I do like the option for the software split). LED's would be a really cool touch too. Maybe a dedicated touch strip to set it on the fly?! Has no one done this yet?!

    Pads, I could go either way, but I'm not a performer so I'll take your word for it. I would simply like to see more dedicated implementation for the pads like an embedded VIP sampler (kind of like Serato, for instance) or something instead of just 8 chromatic pads. I think there's a lot of potential there.

    Anyway! I'll submit these as feature ideas for you. Always happy to hear them :)
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