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Akai Advance VIP browsing / navigation workflow improvements!


Love the Akai Advanced, But still think the browsing experience is still clunky and slow. Was at a friends house who has the Komplete Kontrol, and WOW the browsing of presets is lightning fast in comparison, the browser is more streamlined and to the point.. Load time of presets are pretty much on the fly/quick!

It is still quicker for me to use the mouse and arrow keys with the computer rather than browse via VIP with the auto select. Hell, even my MPC studio “auto select” of presets kills the VIP as far as speed from preset to preset! Only thing is that the MPC doesn’t categorize (Wish it Did)! Been using a work around from this video to increase load time speeds of presets (works like a charm with my max memory and ssd drive on iMac):

Also Wish there was a way that VIP could parallel with the categories of the specific plugin GUI. Example: VacuumPro > Pad Classics > Chatter...... instead of Plugin > Expansion > Instrument > Timbre, Style, Articulation (if these columns had an option to close or even deleted, would be less navigation clutter and huge workflow improvement).. to many extra steps!!
In Komplete Kontrol, it is to the point: Plugin > Types ( Bass, Pad, Brass, etc..) > Modes (Chord, Percussive, Arp, etc...)
As far as browsing for me, If I need a Bass, I like to go to bass.. Lead to leads, Snare to a folder of snares..

Navigation is still not streamlined well, find my self jumping from data wheeling, then having to use cursors for some other navigation and page left & right arrows for other navigation, lot of button & knob jumping around! HINT: Take a page from the MPC navigation book, very intuitive!

This is almost the perfect plugin keyboard, Browsing needs a major improvement, to increase workflow speed! Hopefully see some improvements in the next update, Please..
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    As was mentioned in that video, your patches are still going to load only as fast as your CPU can handle. If your using big setlists with series of Multis, it may take longer to load. You can browse through slots in your setlist right from the Advance too by just using the Main screen on the Advance. It shouldn't add any extra load time compared to the "workaround" with MPC especially with the "auto-load" setting activated.

    Regarding the categories, I don't see how the Kontrol categories are very different from ours. If anything it sounds like VIP offers more ability to customize your search options. VIP offers tons of options to configure this the way that you want to. You can favorite patches so that they come up at the top, even create your own favorite tags to categorize your patches however you want to or delete the tags you don't want or need. You can create expansion tags for each of your plugins and use it as a folder to house your favorites or however you want to use it. So if you want a Pad Classics folder for Vacuum Pro, create an expansion tag for Pad Classics and tag it to all of your pad classic patches. Now just select your expansion tag and you'll see all of your patches in that category. Sure, it may take a minute to set up, but you get to set it up the way that you want to.

    I'd even go so far to say that this is one of the huge benefits of VIP; the ability to ignore the plugin developers preset categories and start making connections between plugins and presets that you normally wouldn't experience. Jumping between presets for a handful of different plugins at the same time and potentially finding new uses for presets you may have otherwise ignored. Don't get me wrong, I would HATE if I couldn't find my favorite sounds quickly, too! But I think that the options are there to make them readily available when you want them.

    Now for the controls, I can see how it may seem like a lot of button presses, especially if you have 20,000 + presets and you're just learning how to navigate the browser. But it's really not anymore than it would take from, say, the MPC Renaissance. Again, it's all about understanding your sorting options. If you can start to categorize your favorites and narrow down your categories, I'm sure it will get easier. For the buttons themselves, just remember that the two arrows below the screen are for pages, i.e. to move to a different screen, and the cursor buttons are for just that: to move your cursor. Scroll wheel is to make your selection. As long as you keep their immediate functions in mind, I think this will be easier for you.

    So all of that being said, I will be happy to pass your concern along to our team, but I hope some of this helps you get used to the software in the meantime! :)
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