Akai Advance & VIP feature requests for live use

1. Muting a part in a multi doesn't appear to stop it from processing the information, just stops its output. I would assume then that if I were to prepare a multi with 8 parts, and all parts were mapped to the full keybed, even if I were soloing one of them, the rest of the parts would still be loading the CPU; is this correct? If so, that is a lot of work for the CPU for sound that is not being heard. Ideally, muting a part would stop it from processing altogether, instead of just cutting out its audio output.

2. Add a way to select a part from a multi with only one button/pad press (part select, as opposed to part mute or part solo). My (now old) Fantom G6 has this feature and it is great for live scenarios.

Thanks for listening!
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