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I’m frustrated

AKAI AMX not recognizing Pioneer Plx-1000 Audio?

Current Version Of Serato Dj (1.7.5) , DVS expansion with vinyl play Enabled, Brand New Pioneer Plx..

Amx works perfect in INT mode, as it should. When in REL mode, the Turntable is NOT able to manipulate the signal.. Wont play from turntable button or scratch by hand. Its as if the needle isnt on the control record when it definitely is ..

Calibration deck shows small signal when the turntable plays, but that same small signal goes away when stopped also.

Also, the exact same set up, turntable & needle all works perfectly fine with Scratch live & a old Numark M2 Mixer.. Its only when i try to use the AMX s inputs with the turntable that i cant control the loaded song.... Help
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