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I have an akai amx that i am trying to use on mac sierra 10.13.6, when i connect it to ableton, traktor or serato the sounds that comes from it it feels cutting, feels like it needs some drive to properly work well, it doesnt happen when i connect it to windows system, it runs okay, the quality of the sound is good, does anyone had the same problem as me that could help me figure out what could be and what is should do? thanks
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  • Hey Jerusa,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! The AMX is going to act as a MIDI controller/2-channel audio interface to output audio coming from Serato. Since you're using it successfully with a Windows machine, the hardware itself is working properly so that's good news!

    It sounds like you may need to adjust some settings in Serato to improve performance. If you are hearing your audio playback cut out, try increasing the USB Buffer Size value in Serato's Audio Preferences menu. Increasing the buffer value will allow your computer more resources to play back the audio. As buffer increases, so will latency, so try using the lowest possible buffer value.

    You can also try reducing the value for the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second slider in Serato's Library + Display Preferences menu. Reducing this value will free up some processing power as Serato will not be refreshing its display as often.

    This Serato article will help you further optimize your computer for the best possible performance:

    Serato - Mac Optimization Guide for macOS/OS X

    I hope that helps you!
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