Akai EIE Pro problem with Reaper

Hi guys, I'm sorting out my playing/recording set-up with a new Akai EIE Pro interface and have a few problems. I am running Windows 10 with Reaper v.5.201 and have installed the latest Akai driver and firmware updates.
The EIE works fine through the USB connection (with nothing in any of the four inputs) for playing music using Windows Media Player and for playing VSTs through Reaper.
When I plug a bass guitar directly into input 1, it records in Reaper but I can't hear it (i.e. there's no monitoring, though playback is audible).
With the bass in input 2 or 4, nothing happens at all (no sound, and doesn't show up in Reaper).
With the bass in input 3, I can hear it but it doesn't show up or record in Reaper.
Without Reaper being opened, all 4 inputs produce sound of the bass plugged straight in to the Akai.
Going quietly crazy here! Not sure if I have a Reaper or Akai problem - maybe both!
Any suggestions please? :-)
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