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I’m frustrated

AKAI Force unstable master midi clock sync!

Wow this is a problem! I just bought the AKAI Force and trying to sync my Avalon baseline with the Force is midi master. Starts fine in synch but if I select any buttons (MATRIX/CLIP/MIXER) there is a serious lag (more and more when I click around) and the Avalon loses sync :( This is a nightmare for live! I have the same issue with the Electron Rytm!

So, this is a serious bug in the Force. Are you aware of it? This is a real dealbreaker if it won't be fixed soon and I won't be able to use the Force live?! This is the whole reason I bought it last week!

Here is a clip with just a click track on an empty project and the Avalon clocked to the Force..

Please get back to me asap.


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