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Akai midimix Mark 2 chain out/in ?

Make the Midimix markII with a second usb port, and rewrite the firmware to allow chaining in/out
so to make possible 16-24-32-etc bigger mixer combinations

Also the ports should be constructed with high end power transmission chips.
In order to make possible an 8 midimix chain the first unit should be able to
whitstand the amperage necessary to power the other 7 units.

I cannot find USB power options for the Midimix, but assuming this is about 500mA
for 8 units it should be 4 Ampere rate or higher

design should include fuses or usb cables with fuses, even tho these do not exists,
I would suggest usb chaining cables had them, despite the drivers must understand the chaining position and the power required to throughput.

An insufficient chain power green/red led should be implemented as well

This could be done easily without lots of costs to be added

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