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I’m frustrated

MPC 500 sequencer problems

Hello everyone
I have a problem with my mpc 500 sequencer
basically when I'm going to record a sequence from the pad for example( a 4/4 drums battery kick snare and hit hat......)
when I go to rec (overdub+play/start) with the rest of the sounds in almost randomly remove a snare or cash or hit hat
I tried all the settings (poly / mono note group) but nothing
it is impossible to use the sequencer
and sometimes the sequencer stops and then starts miss the sync
maybe is broken?
somebody can help me tanks
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  • Hey Christian,

    Thanks for posting!

    The MPC500 is a legacy product with limited support but we can still take a look at what might be going on here.

    The MPC500 has up to 32 voices of simultaneous polyphony which means it can play 32 samples at one time. Are you using other tracks in this sequence? If you are at 32 samples playing back simultaneously (exceeding 32 voices), samples will not play back. Let me know!
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