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I’m frustrated

Akai MPC live internal errors crashes etc

Hi, i have a new MPC live (three weeks) and i have a bunch of crashes due internal errors,since first powering up, sometimes when i start up machine i cannot play from the first beat (it won't record anything on first note and i cannot write in seq) Sometimes i have a big lag between pressing tab and recording it in seq but i hear sound on time (exactly when i press tab) etc....

Version is 2.0.7, yes i updated it....

All in standalone mode....i didn't try it in controller mode because i won't use it like controller, there are lot cheaper controllers on the market :-) and i have them ;-)

I am looong time MPC user from 60 to 2500 so i know how it works :-) especially JJ OS

I have instaled SSD 60GB + USB stick 8GB both formatted as eXFAT and no matter from where i use samples or clips same problem occurs. If i only restart MPC everything is ok....'till next powering on.....pretty randomly

And the same s..t day by day...
All projects are simple and in test it reliable enough for live use??? doesn't look like this...

AKAI be serious it's not cheap piece of equipment and with other MPC's in last 20 years i never need to use any help 'till now.
I cannot start new live project .....

What should i do?

THX in advance

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