Akai MPK 49 with Cubase 7.5 (mac osx)?

Hi there,

I was just searching for an MPK.xml file for cubase on mac osx, couldn ́t found any, but I found an Akai mpk.xml file which I installed.

It seems not to work properly, if I am in generic mode I can ́t properly assign my akai keyboard for using it in cubase.

I just wonder if it may be the not up to date xml. file, I bought it 2nd hand without install cd, if somebody has a link to that file it may solve those issues with cubase, hopefully.

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  • Hi there...I'm just a fellow user who is pretty new to CuBase. I just got an MPK2 and love it!

    I'm not sure what the big differences are between the MPK and MPK2 but when it comes to CuBase a generic map is a generic map.

    I started with this:

    It didn't take me long to realize that the generic map supplied by Akai is meant to be a starting template just to give us an idea of where to go in CuBase and how to get started with our remote controller maps. To get much real use out of it I had to spend a little time studying this and adjusting it to my own needs....otherwise it just lets you control a few things in the CuBase Mixer (and with some possible controller conflicts at that).

    I'm not sure about the MPK, but the MPK2 does offer more than one virtual MIDI port over USB, so it's important to spend a little time thinking about how you'd like to isolate controller messages meant for CuBase vs those meant for individual VST instruments. I.E. I tweaked my MPK2 to control CuBase stuff, and VST QuickLinks over the B port...when I want to talk to specific VST instruments I just make new presets on the MPK2 and dial about as I need them, which usually talk over port A (or the common port that you set in the MPK globals). It's also quite easy to swap (remote banks) in CuBase....so you can have different maps for different scenarios (I.E. Live performing, Video Scoring, Mixing and Mastering, etc.)

    When it comes to designing/building MPK presets/patches intended to talk to hardware synths and VST instruments...I've found the good old MMA MIDI Standard Specifications (see table 3: http://www.midi.org/techspecs/midimes... ) to be quite useful. While it's not a requirement to follow these standards as you make maps...you might be surprised how many steps it can save you as your VST collection grows. I.E. You can start out with a pretty universal MPK Preset/Patch and quickly adapt it to new instruments as you acquire them. For instruments that already accept these 'standard controller messages' you're already in business for a large number of real-time remote controlled instrument parameters. For what's left over...you can easily and quickly assign Quick Links if the instrument supports those.

    If you come up with specific mapping questions/scenarios...please post them. I'll be happy to assist in seeking solutions.
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  • Thanks for your help Brian,...just realized I got send the wrong xml. file...wasted so much time...Akai should really put the dwnld file on there website, just saves time for everybody.

    There ́s no MPK49 listed in my Midi Clock Destinations by the way...
    • Quite welcome D.
      I just did a search and came up with this:

      I agree, having the XML on the site would be nice for those who don't have a disk.

      I posted some info on how I have my MPK2 (seems to be very similar to the MPK) mapped with CuBase in another thread if you'd like to check that out here: http://community.akaipro.com/akai_pro...

      I'm on a PC rather than a Mac, so I'm not sure about how to get the Mac version to send clock info to the MPK. There's bound to be a way though, and it's possible that it might already 'just do it' by default. If so, (and I'm just assuming that the MPK can sync to an external clock...if I'm wrong on this point you'll need to use the MPK clock for the arpeggiator/repeat functions and sync your daw to that if you want tempos to match)...you'll find that your MPK arpeggiator and note repeat functions work when the DAW is playing or recording...but don't do anything when the DAW is stopped. For what it's worth, when I get a chance I'll look into my setup and try to follow up with a comment on where I found those options here in the PC version.
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