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Akai MPK mini keys not working in Logic X

Hi All-

I just purchased an Akai MPK mini and noticed an F and E key is not working in Logic Pro X. The issue is primarily in the default octave- they work fine in the upper and lower octaves. The entire keyboard also works fine in GarageBand. I've downloaded a midi monitor to test the controller and it seems to be working fine. I've also downloaded the most updated version of logic. Any idea what I am missing? Please help!
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  • Hello Matt,

    Thanks for posting!

    If the problem keys "move" when you are shifting octaves, it is related to the software that is processing the incoming MIDI data. If it were that the E and F keys never sent MIDI data when depressed, then I would say it could be a hardware issue but if the issue is isolated to two specific notes and the controller is working without issues in another DAW, it sounds like it is working properly from the hardware's perspective - that's a good thing!

    Now, it does sound like there is a setting in Logic that may have been overwritten for those specific notes. If you are unsure of what might be causing this, you can force Logic to create a new preferences file by moving the current one out of its directory. When Logic launches, if it finds there is no ,plist file, it will create one. I recommend moving this file rather than deleting it as it contains all your Logic preferences. If you move rather than delete the file, you can move it back to get back all your preset preferences.

    The following Apple knowledge base article will help you find this .plist file (specifically step 10):

    Apple - Get Help with Logic Pro X

    After the new .plist file is created, does Logic behave the same way with those two notes?

    If that does not resolve your issue, I would recommend submitting an inquiry to Apple for software support.
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