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Akai professional MPK mini - MPC essentials won't work as Garageband plugin

Trying to use my AKAI Professional MPK Mini & MPC Essentials as a Plug In in Garage Band but it keeps telling me I need to launch the main program and unlock my program. I have done this - & am still prompted to do so again every time i launch garage band. I am also unable to use my MPK Mini Keys & Pads to control the notes in MPC Essentials - The pads work if I click them on the program - but not when clicking on my physical MPK pads.

Need some help getting this working.
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  • Hey Liam,

    Thanks for posting!

    Just to clarify, when you unlocked MPC Essentials, you opened it in standalone mode, entered the authorization code from your Akai account into the unlock field and filled out the remainder of the form? At that point, the software will be unlocked and ready to use in both standalone more and as a plugin.

    When using as standalone software, you must add the MPK as an active MIDI input. To do this, select Edit > Preferences > MIDI. The MPK will appear as an available device and you can put a check mark in the box next to it. You can now use the controller to input MIDI data.

    When you are using MPC Essentials as a plugin, the MIDI data will come from the host application, in this instance you are using Garageband. In my experience, the class compliant devices (like the MPK) are automatically detected by Garageband. Does the MPK send MIDI data to Garageband? Have you tried using other instruments in Garageband?

    Let me know!
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