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Akai Professional need to improve their relations with other developers...

Hey Akai Pro,

Congratulations on your announcement for MPC 2.4 and FORCE. Is there any way possible that you guys and the good people at Waves Audio can please get together on solving the VIP/MPC Software issue?

After Waves Flow Motion wouldn't render in my MPC X I inquired with Waves and they said that they want to support your products, but you guys are not meeting them halfway?

I mean come on man!

Is it really that hard for you to work with Waves so our plugins can work with your software as they should?

I love my MPC X, but I'm not going to buy FORCE or the MPC LIVE when I go out on tour unless I know my favorite plugins from Waves and other developers work.

Hell, hire me and I will get it done, but all I'm saying is do something about this, especially since a lot of exciting new virtual instruments and plugins are arriving this year...

Pete Marriott
Mixer | Producer | Remixer | Composer | Boom Bap Scientist
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