AKAI MPK249 - Sustain pedal inverted

Hi everyone.
Just bought an MPK249 yesterday but I have an issue with the sustain pedal: it's inverted.
I can't seem to have it working correctly. When it's released the sound is sustained and when pressed it damped.
I tried:
- Factory reset
- Unplugging the foot switch, turning the unit off, plugin it back
- Powering it up with the foot switch pressed
- Tried with another sustain pedal
- Tried going into EDIT more, pressing the pedal, changing it from MIDI CC to SUSTAIN, still inverted.
It might be a polarity issue, but there must be a way to fix it. I've tried two different pedal and nothing works correctly.
Tried calling the WORLD HEADQUARTERS in the US but was on hold for 20 mins. Tried to call Numark Alesis Europe LTD in the UK but they did not know. I called the shop where I bought it from (Canada, Montreal) but they also don't know and unfortunately don't have a replacement for it right now.

I'd be very thankful if someone could help me out on this so I can keep working and make music.


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