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AKAI MPK25 - no midi outcoming signal via midi out port

I have a problem with my mpk25 - it does not send midi data from the midi out port. I tried to connect mpk25 to my iphone via irig midi and irig does not show any midi data (the midi in led should light). Also I have tried to connect mpk25 to my midi/cv interface of my eurorack modular synthesizer and it is also does not work - no any incoming midi data is coming (the gate led should light). After all I soldered a simple midi connector with the LED soldered between pins 4 and 5, with the anode to pin 4, so that the LED just protrudes. I've checked this diy MIDI tester with another midi keyboard and verified that the LED lights any time I press a key. Using this simple device I verified that no any midi data is coming via the midi out port of the akai mpk25 because the led does not light. I tried to reset to factory defaults and it didn't help. I have tried different presets - generic and others and it didn't help.

Please let me know how to fix this problem.
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