Akai Professional MPX8 SD card issues

OK. Bought the new Akai Professional MPX 8. I am unable to get it to read the samples on my SD card. Have read many threads online regarding this very issue. Re-formatted SD card to FAT 32, edited samples on Audacity and saved as 16-bit mono 44.1k, saved samples on root folder of SD card, and the MPX 8 "says" that the card is empty. I have gone over this process about 10 times with no luck. I want this unit to work, I need it, but I will return it soon if it won't function properly. I bought it yesterday! I see no other "fixes" online, and, just an aside, why should there be "fixes" on a brand new machine that was just released to consumers and that I purchased yesterday? I am very frustrated. I have named the files with 8 characters.wav, followed the FAt rules, still no playback. Please help dear friends at Akai.
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