Akai software and Reason 7..."I just don't get it!"

I thought it would be easy to sync my Renaissance and Reason but I have found it not so simple. It is clearly NOTHING like synching my MPC 1000 to the Reason software. I have tried all types of suggestions. Purchased and downloaded various software to assist in the process. Stopped at Soundflower and still not getting the results I am looking for. I know there has to be a way and I am ok in being a fool to anyone who knows as long as I get a user friendly answer or tutorial to get it done. I am NO dunce when it comes to Reason an d/or an MPC but going from outboard to digital takes sometime and learning on the curve!

I would appreciate anyone's knowledge of use of the 2 programs working together WITHOUT going through the ProTools process (if this is even possible.) Bottom line I love my Ren and love Reason. Now I want to use them together with Reason being the slave for sound module purposes.

If you know the answer, I'd gladly be the student! Good look! Thanks
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