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Another concept to use VIP

In the course of the 20 years I've tried and bought many DAWs and especially very many PlugIn.

These together have more than 100,000 presets.

I have used this year down to the few to sort 100,000 that I would hear in my music like.

Now with the use of VIP I have again all in one plug.
I have no interest now all to throw again in a pot.


According to the principle: less is more

I have instead of all presets of all plug-ins to load, I use VIP to manage my favorite sounds.

So I have in VIP example: instead of 2000 Alchemy sounds only 250 direct access.
From Dune only 76, Massive only 156 and so on.

That means I have all my favorite plugins together in a container that can control its parameters and have the selected sounds to me clearly and quickly available.

Of course, the other 98,000 Sounds are also available to me. Each plug itself all presets are indeed still included.

And I can expand my favorites anytime with newfound sounds.

With this concept, I have the exact sounds that I want to have a clear and immediate access - awesome for me.

Although not yet working with all the plug-ins, for example, Omnisphere,
but if now soon? the software "VIP" in the next version with hopefully many ideas introduced here comes out I am very satisfied.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for bringing this up! Glad you are able to use the VIP software in a way that works for you. I'm sure some of our other users will find this helpful.

    This is the reason why we include tags and the ability to like presets, so your favorites are always readily available. I have gotten some inquiry to adding a folder to house all of your favorite patches (maybe the way the Multi folder appears in your plugins list) this way they are more searchable from the controller.

    But currently, an easy way to do this is to create a Tag under instruments for "Favorites" and just add this tag to all of your favorite patches. You could also use the "Thumbs Up" button in the browser and the use the patch sort menu (by the search bar) to "Sort by Favorites." All of your favorite patches will go to the top of the list and this will be represented on the Advance as well for easy access.

    Thanks for bringing this up because it is an important part of the VIP software and it's intended functionality!
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