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APC MINI - Auto Assignment Disable

I have the APC mini... Using in arrangement view. I've got different buttons triggering different parts of the songs... BUT, some of the buttons I'm not using (including faders) - I've noticed that every button I'm not using still triggers something in Ableton, usually causing train wrecks (muted files, volume adjustments, switching to session). Is there anyway to disable the "automatic assignments" on the apc mini?
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  • Hey Mack,

    Thanks for posting!

    There isn't a way to disable the APC control script but you can overwrite the assignment to a dummy function. For example, say you have a fader that you want to "disable". Enter Ableton's MIDI Map mode and assign that fader to control teh volume of an unused track or a send knob that has no effect loaded on it.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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