APC40MK2 feature request

i havent found any topics about this around.
- i wish one could when scrolling thru devices could just press the button once, not like click multiple times
- there is a shift button, a ctrl button would be nice you could even co-op the device on/off button, seems like that wouldnt be a super needed command.
- that control button for things like record quantize
-theres a couple other simple things which could be done presently to go with these i cant quite recall.
* copy/paste clips, that would be so awesome

>>>in the future
the encoders are soo awesome, the faders could be a little better, i cant stand the crossfader, its so weird, and mine is glitchy. buttons awesome. i wish the 8 encoders had a push/click option, would be so awesome. and the sends too, u could scroll the sends so sweetly like that.

in general i really like this product.
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