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Applying sample Offset causes dropped samples

I have an MPC Live upgraded to latest version 2.3. When I apply a -127 sample offset (not much) under Program Edit, those samples get dropped randomly when playing the sequence. Maybe 1 in every 15 are dropped.

I read somewhere this was a known issue, but wanted to point it out anyway. This is a pretty basic function. Please fix!
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  • Hey Merrick,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! That's not something I've run across before - are you using one of the built-in kits on the MPC? If so which one? I tried this out here with a few built-in kits and could not reproduce that behavior.

    To test, I used a few different drum programs from the Live's internal content. I used both single samples with no additional layers and samples with two sample layers. For layered samples, I entered an offset value of -127 for the second sample but kept the offset 0 for the first sample.

    I recorded sequences using one repeating note at 8th note and 16th note intervals and played them back at various tempos. At extreme tempos (~380BPM) longer samples did not have the time to play back fully but that doesn't sound like what you're describing as they did still trigger each time.

    What kind of samples are you using? Samples from the built-in content or samples you've created? How many samples are you layering? If you are using multiple layers, how are your sample layers arranged - which sample has the offset?

    Let me know!
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