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Assigning Knobs of MPK Mini MKII in MPC Essentials

I'm new to this particular Akai controller but I'm not new to the MPC Essential program. I once had an MPC Studio and was able to utilize most of the Essential functions straight from the MPC Studio. As much as I love the MPK, Im having problems using just the Software to edit songs. I need help using and assigning the knob to the QLinks and Using the Pads to actually edit the loops. The pads are assigned to the programs, such as program 01, but when I get to edit a sample, there should be a way I can play the loops and slices from the sample edit screen. if I need to remap my MPK I would like to know what notes I should edit them to. Thank you in advice for your help.
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  • Hey Tomah,

    Thanks for posting!

    The MPC Essentials software is very basic and does not support MIDI mapping so it will not respond to the MPK's knobs directly. You can use the MPK's keys and pads to input MIDI note data into the sequencer as well as record MIDI CC data into the sequencer with the knobs/pads but parameters in the software itself do not respond to incoming MIDI CCs and cannot be mapped.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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