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I’m annoyed

Audio Preferences not saving MPC Softwarev2.1

BLUF: ActiveOutput Channels under "Preferences" keeps reseting when software is closed out when using third party audio interface.

I use an UAD Apollo 8 Thunderbolt audio interface. My default configuration is to have my DAWs main output routed through Virtual Output 3+4 of the UAD Console system. In order for the output of the of the MPC to be be routed to Virtual Output 3+4 (of the UAD system) I have to deselect 11 Active Output Channels under the Audio Tab of the Preference section. This setting does not save and every time I reopen the MPC software I have to preform the the same DESELECT task before I can start my project. I feel our audio preference should be savable so we can get straight to work when we open the MPC software.

I am using Mac OSX 10.13.3/MPC Software Audio Console 9.5
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