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audition sample browse autoplay doesn't work

Hello all !
Ihave already report this problem thru the MPC 2.0 software feedback features:
When i browse samples, audition -> autoplay doesn't work anymore.

It has worked at the begining and suddenly, it didn't work anymore.

IMPORTANT: I use my MPC Live in controller mode with the MPC 2.0 software and
it's just in controller mode that it doesn't works.

I have already reseted few times my controller but nothing seems to resolve this problem.
It does long time now that this feature doesn't work.
It's really annoying to play samples mnually when browsing.

So i come to know if there is something i miss in the MPC 2.0 software, i searched in the preferences menu, but nothing can resolve this problem.

Can i reset the preferences of the MPC 2.0 software ? i have uninstall, reinstall but doesn't repair the features

Thanks a lot for your help

Sorry if my english isn't relly good, i'm french, i hope you understand
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