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automation values

can the automation values feature change its block dot type to a slope, curve type.
it would make it a lot easier to do things like imputing a low pass filter build up
example below (yellow dots. red slope)
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  • Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for posting!

    The anchor points for automation will be linked to the grid so although you cannot generate a smooth curved line directly, you can get very close by disabling Timing Correct and drawing in the curve with the pencil tool.

    In the image below, I've set the TC setting to OFF, selected the pencil tool, and drawn in some curves.

    Because setting TC to OFF will make it so that the anchors will not be dependent on the grid, you can draw in more points. A curve with more points will be less 'stepped' than one with fewer points. You can turn TC back on to record more data into the sequencer and it will not affect the curve you've drawn in.

    I hope that helps you!
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