AVID Pro Tools Express Code Not Being Accepted

Looking through other posts, attempting to correct the issue myself, and e-mailing Akai with no response I figured I would post the issue here. I just bought myself an Akai EIE pro brand new from Guitar Center, even had to be ordered as they didn't have them in stock. While trying to get Pro Tools to install I ran into an issue, my authorization code isn't being accepted on Avid's website. Before we go any further I have attempted damn near every single combination of the code imaginable and still no success. Unlike others who post my code is totally different than most peoples suggestions of the format. Most people say the code starts with DIGI or at least some letters, mine starts with all numbers. Also according to the activation website the code should be something like this, 000000-000000000-0000000, where as mine looks something like this, 000:0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000. Did Guitar Center sell me a used product telling me it was new? or did Akai make a goof and give me an invalid activation code for Pro Tools? Please help is has been 4 days since the device was purchased and I still can't install software.
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