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[MPC] Bar synchronised sampling

I would like to have the MPC record audio when I hit play (or next bar starts) and stop after a given number of bars, to capture a perfect loop from external sources. I just want to bounce sequenced midi equipment audio into audio loops more quickly.

Currently I see three options:

1. Use audio level trigger, problem is having to set trigger sensitivity at the right point that the noise from an analog synth does not trigger recording incorrectly, this usually mean the start of the sample is clipped before the threshold is hi, then some editing is also required

2. Start recording audio before hitting play and then edit the sample to remove the silence at the beginning and trim the end.

3. Pad tapping method (slice/pad tap/pad hold), great for hip hop producers capturing stuff from old slower bpm vinyl, but for higher tempo stuff the audio needs to be edited and assigned.

If instead I could toggle a button to say I want the recording synchronised with the sequence, and perhaps the MAX LENGTH change from seconds to number of bars that would be great for improving the workflow from editing to playing and recording live without stopping.

To take this further, it would be great to sample these perfectly aligned loops direct to pads or clip pads, again avoiding the need to go to sample editor to mess around and decide where to assign the sample.

Two other places this same functionality would be useful:

1. Bounce midi track to sample - say I have a track thats sending midi to a synth, and the synth is sending audio back to the MPC, in just one step it would A) play the midi track B) record the input (selected) C) create an audio or clip track. Then then end of the loop the midi track is muted, and the audio bounced version can play instead. Currently bouncing an external midi track to a sample does nothing but create an empty sample.

2. Some way to do this realtime so its seamless and realtime, triggered when the sequence starts and then when the sequence loops the audio version is played instead.

Surely this is quite easy to implement?, it is just a trigger to the Arm/Stop button in the sampler from the sequencer, but I think its an incredible time-saver and will keep the music flowing.
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