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Be able to play/trigger pads even when they are muted

Pad mutes: If we mute a pad (on pad mute or the mixer) the pad will stop playing it's sequence and not produce any sound even if we hit it.
It would be great if the pad mutes would mute only the sequence of the track and not the pad itself. In that way we could mute parts but be able to trigger sounds on the fly or use the note repeat on those muted pads. This can be really handy and turn the machine into a more live instrument.
For example: We have a drum beat going and we want to create variations and fills in that way we could mute the kick and the snare and create a drop and then by using the note repeat on the snare we can create a fill to put our beat back on. With out having to mute / un-mute pads to do this we save time and we are able to play stuff on the fly and immediately return to our sequences any time we un-mute our pads
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