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I’m bum out

better understanding on how to get live piano play using my adanvane 49 on VIP to Ableton

I been having the hardest time figuring this out. So I bought a advance 49, and I have the VIP software so I installed all program packaged on my hp pavilion windows 10 laptop, I had a Ableton 9 live on a disk, so when I installed that I was trying to run vip with Ableton. Meaning I was trying to get the sound I wanted and map it to Ableton I’ve tryed watching the videos and reading on the what to but I honestly don’t understand that shit can someone please help with this picture to I need to put these Exact DAWS
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  • Hey manny,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble getting started! I'm not sure I understand your questions. Can you explain what you mean when you say you want to map it to Live? Do you mean map the Advance's controllers?

    If you want to use the Advance to control parameters in the software, enable its MIDI mode by holding shift and pressing the Control/MIDI button. This will put the Advance in MIDI mode (Control mode is used with VIP). You can browse the controllers on the Advance by continuing to hold the Shift button and pressing the Control/MIDI button and you can edit the functions of the Advance's controllers by pushing in the Data Dial when you've highlighted the controller group you want to edit (knobs, buttons, pads, etc.).

    Once you get the Advance's controllers sending MIDI CC messages, this Ableton article will help you map controllers in Live:

    Ableton Live - Creating MIDI Mappings

    This knowledge base article will help you wrap up the configuration for the Advance and VIP in Live:

    Akai Pro Advance Series and VIP - Setup with Ableton Live

    I hope that helps you!
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