Big Improvements needed for the MPC Renaissance (Workflow,Automation,Portamento)

The mpc ren could use 6 big improvements.

1. Have multiple sequences or tracks play at the same time with independent loop lengths. (meaning: I would like to have track 1 "4bar loop" and track 2 "1bar loop" playing in sync. This would allow a quick workflow without having to do ton's of copy and pasting or fumbling through similar process.) This is similar to Fl studio pattern workflow or Maschine scene workflow.

2. Make an easier way to place a sample in keygroup mode without having to place it in the audio pool and then go in to the program edit window, select a layer then search for the sample.

4. Cut down the steps it takes to open a plugin in the mpc. You should be able to search for instrument and when you load it, it should automatically creates a plugin track.

5. Portamento/Glide!!!!! PLEASE!!!

6. Curved automation and Node to Node automation lines ( example: distance between two nodes should create a slope or line between the two points, instead of being step based needing multiple automation nodes in sequence to create a slope or pattern.) Basically automation behavior similar to Logic or Ableton or any daw for that matter.

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