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Bluetooth LE conversion kit for wired USB midi controllers

@ Akai i'm missing a product in your product range:

A wireless bluetooth conversion kit :

Wouldn't it be great to have a USB kit that connects to the USB port of a midi controller and that provide :

1) Power trough a (rechargable) battery to the controller
2) Makes the midi controller a wireless bluetooth LE midi

This could be used on multiple wired Akai midi devices, everyone wins with this idea.

Wireless bluetooth midi means:
1) Wireless connection to ipad/iphone/android over bluetooth
2) wireless connection to bluetooth LE enabled windows/apple notebooks
3) Recharging your ipad/android tablet/phone at the same isn't any problem !
4) Extreme portability
5) Less cables !!!

Can this be considered please ! As far as i know not ANY manufacterer now who has such a solution.

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