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Bring back classic MPCs (2000XL, 1000, 2500 etc.) !

Hello Akai Team.

It would be amazing if Akai brought back / reissued some of the old MPCs.

The demand for legacy MPCs is extremely high.

Go on any ebay or reseller / used equipment website and you‘ll see that they still go for over 500$. People are jumping over each other to get hold of one in good condition.

Nothing necessarily wrong with the MPC Live or X but a ton of people - like myself - prefer the old MPC style which is why legacy MPCs are still very popular and alive.

Honestly, I think there are way more people that use legacy MPCs than there are X/Live users.

The 2000XL, 1000 and 2500 seem to be the most popular.

The groovebox market is undersaturated.

Bringing back legacy MPCs would be a smart move financially because you can capitalize on the nostalgia factor and the huge popularity.

Now, you could reissue them without any updates and I’d bet they’d sell like hot cakes. But in case your looking to improve them please don‘t overdo it.

Batterypowered would be a amazing plus a slight improvement of the tech specs.

We don‘t need touchscreens, fancy looking designs, dedicated computer software etc.

Those classic MPCs were close to perfection. Please bring them back.

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