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Can We Please Get A Plugin For External Hardware/Outboard Gear?

Maybe my idea is a bit self serving due to the fact that I currently use my hardware analog outboard gear in my sampling chain and since I'm currently in preparation to build a pair of DIY 500 series racks for more analog processing, what I would love to see in the not so distant future of MPC 2.0 software is a native I/O plugin like you can find in Logic.

The benefits of having such capability would make resampling and preparing my MPC tracks for final mixing in Logic a much smoother process as I could match and shape my instruments easier, be it a record I sampled and chopped up from my vinyl collection, or a hypersampled instrument or a virtual synthesizer I played along with my samples.

Analog modeled plugins are great. I know this to be true because I practically own licenses to the majority of these types of plugins available, but truth be told nothing beats having hardware in combination with these plugins which is why I'm making the investment of building my 500 series racks to push the quality of my sound further.

The MPC X is hands down the very best MPC I ever had, and this is coming from someone who used to use the MPC-60, MPC-3000, and MPC 2000XL in the past, but I'm also a sound designer and mix engineer in addition to being a record producer so I'm very conscious about the way my new music should sound and getting from sonic point A to Z in my opinion should be a most fluid experience.

I know I gotta submit it, but I figured that maybe if I offer my 2 cents others will be inspired to give similar feedback to Pete Goodliffe and the engineering team at Akai Professional/InMusic Brands...
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