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I’m frustrated

Cannot lay down multiple tracks in MPC Essentials 1.7.1. (PC)

Hello there! I just received an MPK225 over the holidays and have been having tons of fun figuring out it's different functions, along with learning how to use MPC Essentials. I seem to have run into a bit of a problem however. I was following the guide's instructions on how to set up a drum and bass sequence, and noticed that when I started creating my bass program, the triggers from my drum program were still playing, effectively taking the triggers from my Drum program and laying them out for the bass. This means I can't have any one instrument playing along with the other, which means I can't make full songs!

After watching a couple videos online it looks as though I'm missing the "Track" portion of the "Sequence" tab in MPC, or I'm just blind/dumb and can't figure this out. I've felt a bit frustrated to say the least, haha. Thanks for your help. :)
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