Changing MIDI Instrument With Keys On MPK49

I'm trying to use the MPK 49 for live performance as well as recording. The question I have is, is there a way to program say the S Keys (or anything else) to change what midi instrument I'm playing in my DAW? I've been fiddling around with it but I'm having no luck haha
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) July 20, 2016 16:04
    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for posting. I'll be happy to help!

    Yes, you can use the MPK49 to send program changes to your DAW or external hardware. To do this:

    1) Press the Program Change button.
    2) On page 1, use the Value dial to select Prog Change. Press Enter.
    3) On page 2, set MIDI CH to CC by using the value dial, then use the < and > buttons to move to the Prog section to select the program value you'd like to change. You can then pres Enter to send the message.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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