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Changing tracks remotely

Hello. Our interest lies in changing tracks remotely, using the standalone MPC?
The idea is to setup an external midi controller (faderbox/control keyboard/etc)
to send out control messages for changing/selecting a specific track on MPCs.

There are keyboard shortcuts for changing tracks (up/down,) when working in
controller mode/using the MPC software which comes in very handy. (keyboard
shortcuts on the standalone MPC ..won't work? ..via attached usb keyboard)

It'd be great to have a remote option for switching tracks on the fly, solely for the
standalone MPCs. Having direct access to specific tracks would be ideal (press
knob 2 on controller could select track2 on MPC), scrolling through tracks in an
up/down selection manner (like the MPC Software options) would be good too.

In short: Is changing tracks externally/remotely ..possible on standalone MPCs?


ps: screenshots shown below represent the MPC Software running on MacOS.

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