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Copying different and selective kit and program sounds into my own personal program.

In IMPC for IPad, how do I copy/paste different sounds from different kits and programs into my own personal program? I like certain sounds from different kits and I want to use those sounds to customize my own program.
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  • Hey Leandrew,

    Thanks for posting!

    The samples found in the programs in iMPC and the samples you make yourself can all be found in iMPC's Sound Library. You can browse these sounds to pick and choose which samples you would like to use in your own custom program. Here are the steps to create a program in the iMPC application:

    • From the Main mode, in the upper left quadrant of the app, select the icon next to program that looks like a list to see your list of programs.

    • Select New. The new program will be called Untitled but you can edit the name by pressing the pencil icon next to where it says Untitled in the Edit Program menu.

    • In the Edit Program menu, select the Sound Library tab.

    • Under Sounds, you will see the categories of samples that are available to be assigned to programs.

    • Browse through these lists of samples and when you find one you like, drag it to a pad to add it to the program.

    • When you're satisfied with your program, select Save at the upper right corner.

    • Your custom program is now saved and you can recall it for use in projects when you like!

    I hope that helps you - have fun!
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