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MPC-X: CPU load stays high untill double pressing STOP

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  • May 12, 2018 09:17
    Klaas van der Weij
    Change in reply by Klaas van der Weij to Hi Daniel, <br /><br /> I could not agree more with your description of the issue and the possible solution and I hope that this issue is regarded seriously enough to investigate. The addition of the noise floor and detection of the post-effect signal below it could check if the process could be killed. <br /><br /> Though I think adding the condition that no audio is playing (albeit silence) might make it easier for the effect to reinitialize/start again for it may then react on note-on, in stead of detecting activity on the signal - but that depends on how the effects trigger currently. I haven't tested that though. If effect already trigger (start using CPU) only when non-silent audio id playing, noise-floor detection is already present as input gate. <br /><br /> That reminds me .. in recording mode, noise-floor detection/gating is already used. So technically code can be re-used :) Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of it all, but I'm quite possitive about a possible solution..

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