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De donde puedo descargar bien el Update-MPC-Essentials?

Hola, acabo de comprar le MPK mini ypara instalrlo baje el Update-MPC-Essentials-1.8.2-OSX, lo hice 3 veces tardando 1hora por cada vez que lo descargué, cuando lo voy a descomprimir me tira un error que dice que "no se ha podido descomprimir porque no existe el archivo o directorio", cual puede ser la solución?,
en mi Mac uso el sistema 10.8.5
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  • Hey Marcos,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like this file is not completely downloading. Because of this, the files will be incomplete and likely corrupted. If the files are incomplete, the computer will be unable to extract and run the contents. If it is taking a long time to download, there are more opportunities for a connection issue and possible interruptions.

    I tested out the MPC Essentials download here on my end and I was able to download, extract, and run the installer successfully. I would recommend first trying to initiate the download on your computer and leaving the computer alone while it is downloading. This will prevent and unintentional interruptions. If you are still having trouble, I would recommend downloading from a different internet source and transferring the complete file to your computer. Once you have a complete compressed file, extract it with your computer and you will be able to install the software.

    If you need a utility to extract the file, I would recommend using The Unarchiver for OS X - it is a very capable utility that can be used to extract files in various compression formats.

    I hope this helps you!
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