Ewi 5000 Adjustments, Calbitation

I am very pleased with how easy it was to get wireless sound happening through speakers with the Ewi 5000!!

However, there is very little information about ADJUSTING of the SENSORS in the Users Guide [online] or the booklet that came with the Ewi 5000.

There is a section on CALIBRATION that helped with the Breath Sensor, but calibration didn't give me any control of the GLIDE function - no matter what settings I used nothing changed.

As for the SOUND EDITOR program on the computer the Ewi cannot be played, and so how can the proper adjustments be made when we cannot HEAR the results until we disconnect?

Also - the BREATH sensor knob on the Ewi [under the cover just below the mouthpiece] is not mentioned anywhere, and it does nothing even when I am on the "bS" on the setup feature.
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  • The book that comes with the 5000 is just the quick setup guide. The full user guide is online, here:

    This includes most of the information you're looking for.

    When you're using the sound editor, are you using your computer's speakers or headphones? I ask because if you use headphones connected to the EWI instead, you should hear the results of any adjustments you make. At least, this works for me.
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  • Yes, thank you - "headphones w/ sound editor" - and it is in the booklet, silly me.
    As for instructions for each of the 8 "parameter knobs", not even the Users Guide has nearly enough detailed information.

    For example there are no Breath knob instructions, and it doesn't say if it interacts or if it over-rides the Calibration adjustments.

    What is the difference between "Key Delay" and "Note Delay"?

    What does "Continuous Controller", as in "Messages VIA CC", do? - I thought it was only about the MIDI messages on the Ewi 4000, but on the 5000 model it affects how the Ewi plays.
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